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by Dr. Steve Wright

I wanted to pause and tell you a little more about what I have in mind for this site. I might expand on this plan, but right now my idea is to create several kinds of pages as described below. You can already see that my blog entries are really more like short articles on particular topics than they are like typical blog entries (that most bloggers tend not to spend much time carefully creating). The vast majority of these will deal with some issue in positive psychology.

1. I’ll tell you, in plain English, about interesting things coming out of research on happiness; satisfaction with life, work, and leisure; meaning in life and activities; being fully engaged in what you’re doing (flow); relationships; building on your strengths; and related issues.

2. I’ll give you ideas for how you can apply this to your own life. Some will be my own ideas, and some will be my explanations of how other positive psychologists apply what they’ve learned in their investigations. I hope this stuff will be really helpful to you.

3. Sometimes the main theme of an article / blog post will be a bit off the topic of positive psychology, but will share something I think you might find interesting. In these cases I’ll usually relate it to something in positive psychology, and to happiness. I tried this for the first time with my last article, “How to be rich and happy.” By the way, there’s obviously much more to say about this topic, for example, Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener‘s concept of “psychological wealth.”

4. I’m not going to promise I might not occasionally add a blog entry on some random topic I find entertaining, funny, or interesting. I want to make the blog more personal. And I might add things just because they make me smile.


Here’s an example of an off-topic tip that’s timely. Today I ran across Google’s voter tools ( If you’re reading this soon after I wrote it, and if you haven’t already received voter information in the mail, be sure to check deadlines (they’re soon!), see if you’re still registered, learn how to register, find out where your polling place is, etc. with Google’s convenient tools. Google always seems to be coming up with something cool.

Written by Dr. Steve Wright on October 4th, 2008

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